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Wednesday , 23 April 2014
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Small Business Internet Marketing

So you have a great idea that everyone needs.  Introduce it to the Internet and you’ll get instantly wealthy.  Right?

Even if you have the best web designer and a huge budget, you can’t expect to just launch the site and customers will immediately start buying.

 Small Business Internet Marketing
Small businesses live and die on the internet by KEYWORDS.  ”Small Business Internet Marketing” is critical.  If  you product is shoes, and you make  ’shoes’ the keyword, you will learn very quickly that there are  millions of results when this keyword is typed into Google or another browser.  You should consider using “long tail” key phrases.  Long tails are used for easier identification.  Rather that targeting the keyword ‘shoes’ you could use something like ‘leather sneakers’ and get very good results. Google and other search engines provide keyword tools that are free to use.  You have to know the competition for a keyword or key phrase in order to be successful.
 Start out by typing the key phrase ‘leather shoes’.  Google will provide a  listing of words built around the particular main phrase. It then tells you how frequently the phrase has been searched during a recent month.

This is the tool we use here at BernieKaufman.com to help with Small Business Internet Marketing but there are many other tools that will efficiently find keywords. The keyword tool of Google will furnish words like ‘red leather sneakers’ or ‘where to buy leather shoes’ among other results. Going for mid range search words that have a 1000-5000 search count is desirable in order to rank on Google’s first page.  But don’t be deceived.  Without proper search engine optimization, SEO, you will find it difficult to rank.  Many savvy marketing companies will promise high ranking but won’t tell you how much time and money it could cost you to get the ranking you want.

Small Business Internet MarketingSEO and Back links.

After choosing your keyword or phrase and learning the competition, you then need to get back links.  Back links are other sites or posts that point to your main listing.  Videos, articles directories, blogs, RSS feeds are all places to go for the back links you will need.

What tools will you need?

You can visit our Marketing Tools section of this site and find links to most of the tools you will need to get your site or blog written, optimized and ranked.  You will also find quality educational programs to generate traffic and leads utilizing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.

Don’t be shy.  We will provide the education you need on Small Business Internet Marketing and other important marketing programs.

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